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matching icons for u and ur best friend

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Karasuno boys + Oikawa accidentally groping their gf?


 -Hinata: He turned bright red and froze, gabbling out apologies whilst the thought of how soft she had been, was making his knees wobble.
-Kageyama: Backing away from her, he whipped out of sight of her. He gazed at his hands, flexing his fingers, at loss of what he had to do now.
-Sawamura: He apologised straight away, bowing to add to it. When she forgave him, he allowed himself to think of how soft her chest had been.
-Tsukishima: He pulled his hands back immediately, stiffening up completely and mechanically apologising. Surprisingly, he was quite flustered over something like that. 
 -Tanaka: Being completely new to stuff like that, he didn’t know what to do at all. He froze and she had to manually remove his hands from her body, both of their faces flushing red.
-Azumane: He apologised and apologised and apologised until Hell froze over. He wouldn’t stop repeating it and she had to pat him on the back as he regained control. 
-Nishinoya: He squished her chest several times before he froze at her glare. He apologized, but it didn’t work out well for him when he added: ‘But you were just so soft, I couldn’t help myself!’ 
 -Yamaguchi: He quickly stuffed his hands in his pockets, trying to act like it hadn’t happened. He wanted to forget the incident, but then again, he didn’t want to either… 
-Sugawara: After blushing, he pulled his hands back and apologised, rubbing the back of his head uncomfortably. He had to admit, he’d fake trip again, now knowing how utterly soft her chest was. 
-Oikawa: After the initial shock wore off, he smiled apologetically. He squeezed her chest again, winking at her before he got clipped around the ear. 


[In honour of his Float Jump serve scoring!.]



me: *blushing furiously*
friend: omg ur so red what are u thinking about
me: s-s-s-s-
friend: sex?
me: sports anime




if i die my funerals gonna be the biggest fucken party and you’re all invited 


great, the only party ive ever been invited to and he might not even die

" These dorks are stupidly in love. It’s disgusting. I love it. "
—Me about my otp (via wolfsban)


Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Haruka and Feebas 

Haruka met Feebas when he was young. He finally evolved when Haru is Grade 12, but he was too big to stay at home. In the end, Haru decided to let him live in the sea. Milotic was very sad that he can’t stay with Haru and take a bath with him life before. So Haru stopped by sea everyday to see him.